My Service Include

In Internal medicine branch, It is as follows;

· Patient's examination at your home or in our clinic by internal medicine doctor,

· Blood sample extraction according to complaint accompanied by a nurse at your home or in our clinic

· Reevaluating the patient according to the results of blood analysis and examination

· Regulating the treatment of patient is required.

Internal medicine-related issues:

· Diabetes, blood sugar regulation,

· Dislipedemi (cholesterol and triglyceride heights),

· Hypertension, Hypotension,

· Thyroid disorders,

· Anemia,

· Respiratory system diseases,

· Rheumatologic diseases,

Internal Medicine disease-related symptoms:

· Weakness, fatigue,

· Dry mouth, after-dinner sleepiness,

· Shortness of breath, palpitation , cough,

· Dizziness, headache,

· Abdominal pain, nausea,diarrhea ,constipation,

· Burning urine, frequent urination, urinary tract infections,

· Weight gain, weight loss,

· Edema, fever ,sweating,

· Joint pains, cramps,

· Itching, aphthae in the mouth